Good news for our customers. Unhexpress is introducing a new “Reward Points” system for you all.

What are Reward Points:

Some products on my website has special Reward points as optional price. Visit a product page you will see the price in reward points below the original currency price.

When you will purchase a product you will also receive some Reward Points that depends upon the original price of the product 5 to 10 or some product may have more points depending on price in real money.

Benefits of Reward System:

If you keep Purchasing books from my website, suppose you have purchased 5-7 books, then you are eligible of getting a free book absolutely free of cost using Reward Points. How cool is that!

How do I earn Reward Points:

Just purchase any product which has Reward points assigned to them. Shop books online at my website will earn you reward points, when you have enough points you will be eligible for a free book or discount. The more the Reward Points the more quicker the chance to get a free book.

I have enough Points so how do I get my free book now:

Suppose you have purchased five books with 10 reward points, now you can also get a free book worth 50 reward points and it will be absolutly free of cost 😄
Not only the that, if you have 50 Reward points then you can redeem them for exclusive discount on any book with your current Reward points and the price of the book will be reduced according to the price in Reward Points. Which means if the price of the book is 800 PKR and price in reward points 100, so now if you redeem your 50 reward points then the price will be 400 PKR. If you have 100 Reward Points the book will be free of cost.

How to redeem points:

To see how much reward points you have earned, visit “My account” page. Under My Order > visit “Your Reward Points” link.

Here you will see how much reward points you have so far.

In order To use them follow these simple steps:

  • Add any product to cart
  • In Shopping Cart page you will see a new option under “Use Coupon Code” by the name of “Use Reward Points”
  • Enter the amount of points you want to use suppose you have 100 points and you have entered 50. The price of the product will be reduced to 50%, which means 50% discount 👍🏻 use 100 points and the book will be absolutely free 😎
  • Click “Apply points” button and done
  • Click on “Check-out” button and complete the order as usual.

Here are few products examples with Reward Points:


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